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The archive is one of the main branches of state system construction; it serves country’s political, economical, scientific and cultural interests, and also ancestor’s documentary inheritance protection.


Archive in Georgia has an eternal history. Documents depots were in churches and in palace. In XVIII century act depot “Davtar Khana” (“book epoch”) was established, where countries internal and foreign life’s representative documents were kept.
Osman Empire’s 3 century supremacy in Adjara seriously damaged treasury. Big part of documents was damaged or stolen. In 1878 in Batumi administrative and economic institutions were created; their main documents were sent to Russian Empire administrative centers (St. Petersburg) and were kept there. 
Under the 1921’s Georgia’s Revolution committee “about archives deal reorganization”, was started collection and protection of military and civil archives’ documents in Adjara. On December 7 1922, Adjara ASSR alliance of the state commissar’s plenum stated the issue about creation of archives’ documents in Batumi. On March 20 1923, People’s Education Commissariat was to settle issues of archive creation. In 1923, on April 11, on the plenum meeting Adjara ASSR alliance of state commissars once again studied the matter of establishment of archives’ department and decided with Adjara education people’s commissariat to immediately create archives’ department with 4 staff (head of archives department, classifier, archivist and courier). Thus, April 11, 1923 is the day of establishment of archives’ institution in Adjara.
On December 19 1926, bureaus of district archives were established, which existed till 1929. In 1930 position of archivist were established. In 1936 archives departments with committee were created. In 1937 there were departmental archives. In 1929 educational state committee - central archive was under Adjara ASSR central executive committee. In October 1938, Adjara ASSR internal affairs people’s commissariat management created archive department, which on its side managed central state and regional archives. 
On April 26, 1960 under Georgia’s SSR ministry council #296 resolution, Adjara ASSR internal affair’s ministry’s archives department was reformed into Adjara ASSR ministry soviet archives department; on August 25, 1936 - into archives administration, and on June 29, 1991 - into Adjara AR state scientific -  industrial alliance “Mematiane”.
On September 7, 1995 under Adjara AR Supreme Council resolution, Adjara AR archives department was created. In 1995 it was reformed into state archive department. Now it’s subordinate by local government and its represents sub-department of Adjara AR government - archives administration. Nowadays, in its authority is to manage archive matters in the region, improvement of clerical work and development of archive funds.


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