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Archives Administration Functions

Sub-department of Adjara AR Government-archives administration with state control independently secures to govern archives affairs, perfection of clerical works and developing of National Archives funds. 


Archives administration’s aim:
  • To fulfill archives funds;
  • To describe and register centralize of archives funds documents;
  • To secure protection and preserve, temporary closing, restoration of damaged documents, to create insurance funds for special value document of archives funds document;
  • To secure free allow on archives funds documents with legislation;
Central archives and territorial organs local archives working’s organization, coordination, normative and methodical secure; “about National archives funds and National archives” on the base of Georgia’s law archives administration carries out National archives funds documents without distinction their keeping place (between them in National archives fund cultural inheritance memorials) register, protect and preserve, also in clerical work defense rules state control and supervision. 
Archives administration makes National archives funds documents to get timely and regularized.
Materialize in foreign archives protected Georgia’s history documents elicit, prepares offers for purchase of these documents or their copies. 
Materialize protection of archive documents placed in National archives, their keeping terms monitoring and optimization measures;
Secures with National Archives fund’s documents interested people free allow by legislation. 
By stated rule publishes National Archives funds documents, reference book’s informational literature, in National Archives protected documents about component and content;
Materialize central archives and National Archives territorial organs-local archives work’s methodical leadership and control;
To conduct organizational-methodical management and state control of territorial archives work and preparing institutions documentary’s for passing in archives administration. Assists institution’s archives work organization’s perfection and development in them secures documents protection and using. 
Conducts scientific work in archives expert, documents expert, archaeography and adjoining branch of discipline, work out methodical leadership, collects, analysis and spreads scientific-technical information in archives expert and document expert branch. 
It sets up and develops in its competence international relations branch of archives affairs and clerical works, participates in profile international organizations.
International Relationships
In archives administration protective historical memorial’s or unique documents popularization, also with point of view to settle workings international standards, is important to share foreign countries conformable structions experience. It’s very important to share the conformable structural experience of foreign countries in order to popularize unique documentations and historical memorials kept in archives administration and also to settle international working standards.
By this aim, an archives administration has prepared collaboration memorandums with archives departments of Bulgaria and Turkey.
Memorandum calls upon Georgian specialists to participate in international projects, to exchange information’s between sides: visits of foreign countries archives administration’s delegations in National achieve, to ensure foreign researchers work, to raise Georgian specialists’ qualification.
National archives periodly treat to foreign countries archives administration’s delegations. Archives funds documents had been exhibited for the visitors in archives hall, exhibition with the name “Bulgarians in Batumi” was arranges that represented protective documents in archives administration about Bulgaria. 
Archives administration continues working to establish and to deepen collaboration with analogous institutions of foreign countries.


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