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Film Fund

In 2008 year created film-photo documents department in sub-department of Adjara AR Government-archives administration. There’re gathered 19250 units, from here 9061 are film documents, 3576 are photo and 6613 are phonograph records.

Documentary film subjects (film magazines), which are protected in department fund depot, dated by 1980-1989. In documentary film’s schedule are tapes, which contain interesting material, about society’s development this or that matter. In represented film production are many films on medical theme “attention heart”, “time and medicine”, “how to protect baby from illness”, “villager’s health”.
In 1986 Chernobyl’s atomic station turned unlucky accident reflected documentary films: “Chernobyl’s Bells”, “Chernobyl’s firemen heroism and bravery”.
Space scientist research and in spaces assimilate deal scientific progress are transferred in documentary films: “Interspace objects”, “Cosmodrome Baikanur”, “Show of life space”.
About notable person’s life and documentary frames are shown in films: “Academic B.Petrov”, “Memories of Mendeleyev”, “Artist Nikoloz Ponomarov”, “Roman Carmen”, “Marshal Rokosovski”, “Story about Marshal Conev” and etc.
To architecture and building dedicates film-magazines “Building and Architecture”, different numbers.
1919-1938 includes on Adjara’s AR thematic created film documents chronological frames. On firm are mirrored in 1919 English army’s commander George Kvinitadze, Englishman Gen. Kuk-Kolisi, independent Georgia government’s leaderships Noe Zhordania and Noe Ramishvili and etc.
By 1920 dated films frames, this reflects in Batumi II international’s delegation visit. On common-people’s festival frame are French and Bulgarian socialists Pier Renodeli, Samil Husgans, II international executive secretary Ingels, exactly that frame revived big patriot’s Memed-beg Abashidze’s face, who leading Adjara delegation and meets Georgia’s National government and foreign guests.
In documentary frames are shown February 8, 1929 Georgia’s Muslim women I congress in Batumi, 15 year of Adjara soviet rules, on 1923 on river Adjara-ckali Hess building, on 1932 in Greece inhabitant Armenians arrival in Batumi, demonstration of First May, revolutions 15 years dedicated army’s parade.
Film frames tells us about 40 years Batumi life, revived current historical appearances, remarkable places, public-political life, economics, science, industry’s development in Batumi and whole Adjara.
About Batumi Botanical Garden’s unique floras tells us film-“Batumi Botanical Garden”, about popular people tells us films: “Adjara”, and “Adjara today”, which compiles with some parts (1977; 1980).
Film frames kept us in 1957 in Tbilisi hold Adjara’s literature and art decade, visit Ukraine delegation in Batumi.
Films-between them are Georgian, Russian, and foreign popular producer’s film masterpieces:
“Red devils”, “when the almonds blossomed”, “Bakula pigs”, “Night Crew”, “Blue Mountains or unbelievable story”, “In one little city”, “Nylon spruce(Christmas) tree”, “what you saw, never seen”, “Maci Khvitia”, “Me, Grandmother, Iliko and Ilarion”, Mamluqi, “Manana”, “Fatima”, “Data Tutashkhia”, “Confession”, “Calm dony”, “Ana Pavlova”, “Peter I”, “Woman and man after 20 years ago”, “Autumn in Chertanovo”, “Night illusions”, “Shooting-range” and etc.
“scarlet flower”, “Snow tale”, “Flying carpet”, “Boatswain and parrot”, “Mouse”, “Tale of rude husband”, “Lion and cat”, “Girl and magician”, “Wood poacher”, “tempter” and etc.


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