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Photo Fund

In 2008 year created film-photo documents department in sub-department of Adjara AR Government-archives administration. There’re gathered 19250 units, from here 9061 are film documents, 3576 are photo and 6613 are phonograph records.


Protective photo document’s chronological frames are 1878-2007 years. There’re shown history’s past and nowadays Batumi region’s history, views of old and new Batumi, development of industry, economy, health protection and cultural building in region.

Specially it should be noted that, photos in which appear episodes of in 1878 year’s near Tsikhisdziri happened war between Russia-Turkey, about wounded-invalid soldiers, about their struggle field life, about officer’s staff and field-sanitary groups. On photos are shown in the end of 19 century and in the beginning of 20 century’s in Batumi port trade and cargo process, the so called “Nuries”, “Turkish” and other markets.
That period’s Batumi ethnographical life’s vivid imaginations are shown on photos, where are: Laz and Adjarian fishermen, Osman Bekir-ogli water mill, Persian mullah, port’s carrier worker.
In photo collection are united photos, which are photographing on November 20, 1878 in Tbilisi, in the palace of Vicegerent of Caucasus during the celebration dedicated to re-union of Adjara with mother-Georgia. Host of celebration along with members of Adjara deputation are pictured on the photos. 
Photos kept us “Tsisperkantselebi”: Pavle Sakvarelidze, Nicola Mitsarishvili, writer and dramatic Shalva Dadiani, architect Koki Abashidze, newspaper - Muslim Georgia’s redactor Mememd Abashidze’s faces.
By 1927 year dated photo, on which is shown Memed Abashidze with Tbilisian teachers.
Photos kept us by Englishman’s Batumi occupation and in 1921 year, moment of Adjara becoming a part of the USSR.
Educational system’s development reflect photos, on which are shown first Georgian school, studying process in “Medreseb” (1921) and in soviet period in Adjara opening new educational schools, technical school, institutions. 
About Adjara’s literature-cultural life tells us photos in which are shown meetings with M.Sholokhov, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Russian, Cuban and other nationality writers, poets, actors. Photos kept us Ilia Chavchavadze state dramatic theatre’s actors Iusuf Kobaladze, Nunu Tetradze, Manuchar Shervashidze, Khasan Megrelidze and others faces, by them embodied theatric rolls.
In photos are shown 1989-1990 years National Movement and National Movement’s leaders: Zviad Gamsakhurdia, Merab Kostava, Zurab Chavchavadze. Also crowded meetings for Georgia’s independency, dismantling of Lenin monument, in 1921 year for Georgia’s independency died fighters’ relics’ funeral ceremonial on Freedom Square.
In photo objective are: views of Batumi seaside park, summer’ theatre and colonnade, “with Sun Clock” and “singing fountains”, “compositions of dancing boys and on artificial lake swimming swans, with dolphinarium and aquariums various lodgers. Here are also protective photos in Batumi’s sea port coming foreign ships, tankers, foreign tourists delegations, Batumi and Adjara’s remarkable places and delightful views.


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