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Phonograph Fund

In 2008 year created film-photo documents department in sub-department of Adjara AR Government-archives administration. There’re gathered 19250 units, from here 9061 are film documents, 3576 are photo and 6613 are phonograph records.


In phonograph records are represent old Georgian folk music: “Adjarian folklore” – recorded by V.Akhobadze (1950-1960), Kobuleti cultural house’s by vocal group’s sing “song about sparrow Katamadze” (1963), “Iarmasha”, “Gurian makruli”, “Aliphasha” and etc.

In phonograph fund are protected: Batumi state Pedagogical institution’s amateur ensemble, Adjarian song and dance ensemble, Adjara educational institution’s women vocal ensemble, vocal ensemble “Rustavi” and individual executor’s songs. 
In phonograph find are: head of Adjara writer’s union’s Fridon Khalvashi’s greeting words – A.Tsereteli, K.Gamsakhurdia, D.Kldiashvili, I.Noneshvili, N.Malazonia, G.Tabidze’s anniversary evenings, writer D.Shengelaia, actors: V.Anjaparidze and A.Khorava’s memories about Batumi.
Conversation of writer Giorgi Leonidze about Vazha Pshavela’s visit in Adjara is recorded on tape. Conversation took place during G. Leonidze’s visit to Adjarian Leonidzes’ family in 1968. 
From literature-dramatic records are remarkable by Batumi dramatic Theatres actor’s Iusuf Kobaladze, Nunu Tetradze and Merab khinikadze’s reading monologues and fragments. From spectacles: “Mokvetili”, “Bakhtrioni”, Khevisberi Gocha”, “Kikvidze”, “Otelo”, “King of Oedipus”, “Call og Khikhani”, “King Erekle”(1970).
In radio - “writer at microphone” poet Mamia Varshanidze reads his own poetry (1970).
In 1964 year in Tbilisi held publicists and public man’s Haidar Abashidze’s 70 years anniversary evening – in phonograph records are kept writer Levan Gotua’s greeting and Haidar Abashidze’s speech.
Phonograph materials riches represent His holiness and Beatitude, Archbishop of Mtsketa-Tbilisi and Cathalicos-Patriarch of all Georgia Ilia II’s greeting to Batumi parish (1989). Nodar Dumbadze’s congratulation to Batumi Dramatic Theatre’s anniversary (1983), poet Mamia Varshanidze, Fridon Khalvashi, critic Shota Kuridze and other’s voice records.


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